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North Korea Declares War on USA Or Does It?

Posted on the 30 March 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
the global threat from North Korea has been drummed up by the western mainstream media for decades, it seems like the financial and tactical failure that was the sordid Vietnam War will never be allowed to be laid to rest by the USA.
Did we forget that India, Pakistan and Israel have more nuclear ordnance than NK'll ever be able to threaten the world with. But still the concerted media campaign goes on:


I really can't understand why the USA is trying to convince its consumerist kids that there's a nasty yellow bogeyman out there who'll kill them if they don't kill him first. I mean, it's always better to indoctrinate the children, right? Get the invented belief system ingrained into the tiny maladjusted minds before common sense can kick in. Jingoism rules; all governments know this.
In fact, unless this anti-NK campaign is a total western-driven cyber-war psy-op for asset and territorial gain (like the Vietnam War was), I can't understand why the NK government would go along with their adopted charade of Global Enemy #1. How can it possibly suit them? Where's the post-Cold War 'benefit'? Are NK being sequestered (or digitally stage managed) from the internet for tactical purposes and this melodramatic material being spread about them for financial gain i.e. PROFIT.
Get over it America, you tried to INVADE NK and lost.

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