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No-sew Superhero Mask ..tutorial

By Kinderpendent

no-sew superhero mask ..tutorial
Meet Captain Blue Drool & the Ballerina Bandit. One is a hero (who happens to drool in blue), and the other is a mischief-maker (who does have a rather fierce chassé). Together they are quite entertaining. And all this entertainment (for both them, and for me) was created with these super easy no-sew superhero masks!
To make your own all you'll need is felt, ribbon, scissors, and five minutes.
no-sew superhero mask ..tutorial
Step 1: Fold your felt in half and cut the mask shape (see top image above).
Step 2: Fold each side to cut the eye holes (see bottom right image above).
no-sew superhero mask ..tutorial
Step 3: Cut small slits on each end.
Step 4: Insert ribbon & tie.
Step 5: Turn a kid into a superhero!
no-sew superhero mask ..tutorial

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By Debi Fitzsimmons
posted on 06 February at 05:12

So happy that I just came across this. In 2 days my daughter has to dress as a superhero for school. This will be perfect and easy. Thanks:)