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My MRI Experience at Adan Hospital

By Umkhaloodie

Last week I had an MRI at Adan. It was actually not as bad as my previous MRI as this time, el7umdella, it was an open MRI.
Previously I had been in a closed MRI and it was definitely much louder and noisier and well, truly a frightening experience.
The Open MRI was definitely not as loud or as frightening.
I tried to come up with a picture for the noise. Unless you have had an MRI you won’t truly understand what I mean. Hearing the noise from outside the machine doesn’t compare at all to actually being inside it.
Picture an industrial drill that breaks up concrete X 1000.
So, I started off by imagining what the noise represented to me? I listened to a YouTube video of MRI sounds the day before to allow my brain to adjust- using headphones on max.
I knew that after the pulsating, loud bangs and vibrations were coming and instead of not being ready for them, I instead was expecting them.
The noises to me represented helicopters, jetskis, several apache helicopters, fighter drones, washing machines, tumble driers, broken printer (old style with ribbon). I guess this was the easiest thing I could have done.
It’s still the longest 50 minutes of your life and still scary but preparation is the key. Don’t listen to the technician that says ‘it’s just a lot of banging’, it isn’t an at times you will feel like your whole body is vibrating on the table.
My advice to anyone is: prepare, YouTube the sounds and listen to them for a few days in advance, especially if it’s your first and do NOT no matter how tempted you are open your eyes.

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