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My Favourite Date

By Bellavitaxo
I've got a little bit of insomnia right now and seen this question flying about on other blogs, so thought I would make a quick post. The question is: what is the best date you've been on?
Honestly, we have a good time everytime we go out, but I think the one that stands out most to me is the time he took me camping. I'm not sure if we were actually officially together when we did this, but he decided he wanted to take me camping one night and I decided to keep an open mind and agree to it even though I'm not really an outdoorsy camping type of girl. My parents were really surprised I even went! I drove to the middle of nowhere and he pitched the tent while I handed him random tools and stood there shivering. He then pointed out the stars to me, with some help from an app on his phone to tell me what was what! Then we just lay in the tent, had some nibbles and went to sleep. Being the over-dramatic person I am, I made sure we had suitable weapons in case there were murderers or vicious wild animals (ie. a hammer which slept between us), and I didn't know until morning that there was a big brown spider in the tent keeping us company too. I don't think I would do it again but looking back it was a nice way for us to get to know each other a bit better!

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