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My Closet Reorganization Realizations

By Classycareergirl @classycareer
So did I convince you to clear out your closet and start fresh like I did after reading Unclutter Your Life in One Week?  I know, it's a tough one but maybe I can give you a little more encouragement today.  What...I promised you I would post photos of my before and after closet.  Oh yeah, was hoping you forgot.  :) 
Disaster Zone
My Closet Reorganization Realizations
A place for everything and everything in its place!My Closet Reorganization RealizationsYes, color coordinated.  Who knew how many white and pink shirts I had!  I need to stop buying white and pink!! :)My Closet Reorganization RealizationsShoe Rack (Target)
My Closet Reorganization RealizationsJewelry Box (Target)My Closet Reorganization RealizationsScarf hanger (Target)
Closet Reorganization Realization #1: Just because I spent my hard earned money on something, if I never wear it, it needs to go.
Closet Reorganization Realization #2: Having less clothes in my closet actually makes it easier to pick out what to wear and FIND what I am looking for!
Closet Reorganization Realization #3: The piles on the floor of clothes that I never wear was really stressing me out and I didn't even realize it.
Closet Reorganization Realization #4: I actually do have the other pair of the earrings that I thought I lost years ago, just couldn't find them in the disaster zone called my closet.
Closet Reorganization Realization #5: Even though I got rid of half my closet, I actually have more outfits now because I can find stuff and mix and match.  The best part ~ my co-workers think I have been on a major shopping spree :)
What have you learned about reorganizing your closet and life?

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