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Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for My SKIN & HAIR

By Allaboutjyl
As I mentioned in my previous hauls HERE,I got myself a Body & Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil which claims to works wonder! And it actually DID! Wuhoo~
First off, let’s start with the all abouts of Morocco Argan Oil:
Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR·   All in one treatment for hair, face and body ·   A Golden oil that works wonder and is not greasy or sticky·   Helps clear skin: acne, scars, pimples, rosacea and prevents wrinkles·   Treats dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Fights Hair Loss·   Provide suppleness and evens skintone
What I encountered after using it on my SKIN (Face and Body):
Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR·   It is in oil consistency wherein you immediate feel the moisture once you massage it ·   Does NOT feel greasy nor sticky (it is Dry Oil)·   Absorbed quickly to skinMorocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR(above photos after 2 weeks of usage)·   Helps heal inflame acne, cystic acne, scars quite effectively·   Able to minimize enlarged pores and redness of skin·   Provides enough moisture to skin without making skin oily·   I have oily combination skin and it does NOTmake my skin greasy or produce more oil·   Did NOT experience any discomfort while using this (FYI: I have sensitive skin)
What I encountered after using it on my Hair:
Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR·   Makes hair more shiny and manageable·   Able to minimized tangled and frizzy hair·   Notice that hair is more soft and smooth·   NOT STICKY NOR OILY
How I use it:For Hair: After Shower, when hair is a bit damp, apply it all over For Face: After Cleansing and Toning, Apply a few pumps on the face and massage gently until it is fully absorbed
Overall review on Morocco Argan Oil:·   At first, I was quite skeptical on actually trying this out, because I was bit allergic to the word “oil”. I always thought that any types of “oil” will make my skin greasy and shiny. But boy I was super WRONG!!!! Even though I have oily combination skin, it does NOT make my face oilier·   I absolutely love this on my face as it helps heal my existing acne and for my hair it keeps my hair stay soft & smooth·   This definitely works MIRACLE on both my FACE and HAIR!!·   I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it works amazing on me~
Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIRBody & Thairapy Morocco Argain Oil is priced at PHP1,450 and is available in all Rustans branches.Have you tried any Morocco or Argan oil and what are your thoughts?Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR

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