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Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

By Heather @home_modern

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

So I FINALLY finished the DIY Moroccan wedding blanket project! It was slow going and I had to buy more paint on a couple of occasions, but it’s done and I’m happy to share the DIY with you. Here’s the inspiration photo I modeled this one after.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

I think the most attractive thing about Moroccan wedding blankets are their texture, so I wanted to start out with an underlying fabric that had a bit of texture. Chenille instantly came to mind.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

{Savannah Chenille Bedding, Linen Source}

I scouted around online and ordered this chenille bedspread from Linen Source. I think I got it on sale for $59. I liked the pattern and though it would be conducive to creating the diamond pattern I wanted.

There are a ton of different embellishments out there for creating the “look” of a Moroccan wedding blanket. Initially I considered sequins, which seem like the most literal translation, but I wanted something more practical that we could throw in the wash.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

{Lumiere Fabric Paint, Metallic Silver}

I had worked with Lumiere fabric paint for this project, and decided to give it a try for this one since it’s washable. First I taped out each of the squares in the pattern I wanted to paint.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

This was taking WAY too long, so instead I started free-handing it after taping out a simple template to guide my pattern. I used a squared-off paintbrush to apply the paint.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

Please excuse my lack of bedroom styling (it’s still a work in progress), but I think you can get an idea of how it turned out. The total project cost was under $100, which is great for a project you can customize. You could get really creative with this using some of the vintage chenille on eBay. For a smaller scale project you could also use chenille remnants to make amazing pillows.

What do you guys think?


For more on our custom headboard, check out this post.

P.S. I haven’t washed this yet, but will do an updated post when I do to let you know how the paint has held up.

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By JaDe Rain
posted on 15 December at 03:38

This is a great idea. I am about to cut a stencil and try stamping a Moroccan pattern. Now I want to find some chenille and paint that instead.