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McDonalds Fruit Collision

Posted on the 27 May 2011 by Thehangline

McDonalds Fruit Collision

McDonalds Fruit Collision

McDonalds Fruit Collision

Driving down I-26 in Charleston, if you’re looking at billboards, you will see something peculiar happen. From out of the blue, a lemon flies into your field of vision along with a strawberry. Over the course of several billboards, they get closer and closer to one another until something remarkable happens. They collide in a large juicy, delicious, world-endingly fantastic explosion of fruitasticness. What is this all about?!? Why didn’t they swerve to miss one another?!? Oh the carnage! Oh the humanity!

Wait. There’s one last board. Oh, I get it. It’s an ad for a new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. Good for you McDonald’s. Good for you. From our own Todd Turner, the creator of this campaign and Art Director at Adams Outdoor Advertising:

We’re incredibly lucky enough to have a series of highly visible bulletins on a high-traffic stretch of I-26 in Charleston. Using these boards in a sequence has always been a dream of mine and even pitched to other clients a few times. So when our local McDonald’s franchise owners and their buying agency, The Tombras Group, wanted to do something big and buzzworthy, we matched the launch of their Frozen Strawberry Lemonade with this concept and the locations.

In the several days after this posted, we received many calls from other clients wanting to do something this creative. One of those calls was from someone who never buys billboards and pretty much thinks they’re worthless. We were able to change his mind on the effectiveness of our entire medium with one creative concept.

This is another fine example of how you can use a combination of quality creative and location to generate excitement over a client’s product. Side note, I had my hands in this as well operating as an official “explosion consultant.” Take that high school physics teacher!

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