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Make a Lava Lamp

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
We made a lava lamp with Defne last week. 
Make a lava lamp
 We prepared our materials: a bottle, food colouring, sunflower oil and salt. Then we filled 3/4of the bottle with water and the rest with sunflower oil. Added some salt and food colouring.Then Defne enjoyed shaking it.
Make a lava lampTo make it a bit sparkly we added some glitter,too.Make a lava lampShe is still a bit young, but we talked about how oil and water do not mix. For an better effect we later added a few alka seltzer tablets. This got her very excited indeed.
Great fun as little ones  LOVE  watching the bubbles emerging in the bottle.
For a real lava lamp effect, shine a flashlight through the bottom of the bottle.
Happily shared with The Play Academy, Get Crafty. Preschool Corner, It's Playtime and Something for the weekend.

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