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Lake Reba Fishing Report 2/28/12

By Johnabrams82
   Went out to the lake for a few minutes today.  I didn't really have a lot of time to fish but there were several people there crappie fishing.  There were a couple of guys fishing for crappie using live minnows suspended 5-6 feet below a float.  They were fishing in about 15-20 feet of water and they were catching one after the other.  They caught about 15 in the few minutes I was there.   There was another couple of guys fishing much shallower in about 8 feet of water suspended about 4 feet down with live minnows as well.  They caught a few but the action wasn't nearly as fast.  I didn't bring any floats so I ran jigs.  I ended up catching two crappie.  one was on a 1/8th ounce black and green jig, and the other was on a 1/16th white jig.  Both were caught running the jig fairly fast about 4 feet down. 
        The weather is getting really nice around here.  Anybody getting out and fishing let me know how you did in the comments below.   And don't forget to get your new license they expire on the first.  

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