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Just A Random Food Trip Around Iligan

By Kcaiyah @KaiDarul
I've been meaning to update my blog, but my schedule just won't let me. And I cannot put so much effort into a fashion outfit post since I don't have time to dress up.
Srsly, if you happen to see me these few days/weeks, I head onto school with my jeans, long-sleeved shirt, hijab, and sneakers. *too boring for someone like me eh?*
I have no choice though.  Anyway, this post is for all the food I loved in the past few weeks of my busy life.
I'd start off by two of the awesome food by the marketing department students. Btw, marketing students in our school have this annual  business that they put up in the campus (some are located outside the campus). Many of them are concentrated in the food business.
Just A Random Food Trip Around Iligan
Tzaddi's business is a sort of mini donut slash macaron. It's really delish thou the photo does not give justice at all. What do you expect from someone whose family business is pastries anyway? :) Her stall is located in old SET building facing CBAA. For a tray of this, you'd have to spend at least Php16. 
Just A Random Food Trip Around IliganJust A Random Food Trip Around Iligan
Next is this shake and chips thingy. I am sorry, I forgot their brand name. Their product is a mixture of milk shake and chips obviously. It's perfect for snack time. :)) They have a lot of shake flavours and chips to choose from. For one cup, it'd cost you Php 27.
Just A Random Food Trip Around Iligan
Next is, Cozy Cup milk tea. As you all know, I am a die-hard tea lover. I can drink two litres of hot tea in one sitting. And of course, I wouldn't let a milk tea shop pass. My favorite flavor as of now is Honeydew with 25% sugar. And yes, I am not a sugary person. :D For a cup, the minimum price is Php 45.
Just A Random Food Trip Around Iligan
Just A Random Food Trip Around Iligan
Lastly is the Maranao Resto, Nihaya Halal Fastfood and Restaurant, in town located at Squarelland building. If you are fond of food with coconut milk, then this is for you. I really thought that I'd be surprised with the food, but they turned out to be similar to the Tausug food we cook at home. 
Nevertheless, the food is delish. If you happen to dislike Muslim food because it's hot and spicy, the food here are not that spicy. You can choose to add "palapa" if you want more kick. You can eat using utensils or with your hands. It's a must-try resto in Iligan. Btw, they also serve the usual Filipino dishes such as pansit. ^___^
Those were some of my comfort food. Hope you can all try them. Btw, I am not paid to blog about this. I just felt that I need to share information about good food. 

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