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Joplin, Jeezus, Father's Day and Guns: Surprised?

Posted on the 23 June 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

Joplin, Jeezus, Father's Day and guns: Surprised?

Missouri, if you don't embarrass yourselves, there are plenty of the rest of us who are:
MO Church Giving Away AR-15 Rifles to Boost Attendance
I love the introduction to the article:
What kind of gun would Jesus shoot? It’s a question that theologians have debated throughout history without being able to settle on a satisfying answer. Some subscribe to the school of thought that he would carry something small and tasteful, like a .32 caliber hand gun, because there’s little room for anything bigger in those flowing robes. Others say he’d wield an AR-15, because Jesus is a badass and anything less than maximum destruction power wouldn’t make sense for the Prince of Peace.

And then for the serious, sick part:

That’s apparently what a church in Joplin, Mo., had in mind for a Father’s Day promotion last week, in which fathers were offered raffle tickets to win one of two AR-15 rifles. For every child he brought with him, he’d get another chance at taking aim with the Lord. “We thought instead of a lot of small things, we’d give away stuff the guys were interested in,” Heath Mooneyham, the head pastor of the appropriately named Ignite Church told The Joplin Globe. And just in case you think this is--hopefully, right?--a lampoon by The Onion or some such, check it out:< If you watch even the first few seconds of that, you learn "Pastor Heath" was going to give a sermon on "excellence." He no doubt ran into it once.  Somewhere. Maybe.

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