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Is the Bachelor Bentley for Real?

By Datecoachtoni

Talk about a bad boy shtick. The bachelor, Bentley on the current season of The Bachelorette seems to be vying for the title. Move over Wes- there’s a badder boy in town…

Ashley was WARNED about Bentley prior to meeting her group of suitors. She told Chris Harrison that an email was sent to her that warned of a bachelor named Bentley who was coming on the show for the wrong reasons. Even before she laid eyes on him, she expressed reservation and suspicion. She also stated beforehand that she hoped he wasn’t that good looking as this would make it easier- and then immediately commented on how attractive he is when she met him. Sorry, Ashley but you walked into this one with your eyes wide open. Once again, being a bad boy has worked in a guy’s favor.

Is it the challenge? Maybe it adds enough suspense and mystery to make him appear more exciting than the other guys. When Ashley spoke about him in the mini-interviews sprinkled throughout the episode, she commented that he is really nice and seems very sincere. Why is it so hard to believe that his niceness has anything to do with her attraction?? Indeed, when Bentley has been alone in front of the camera he has stated without reservation that he is doing what he needs to do to get that rose. However, his reasons for wanting it have little to do with his having an interest in Ashley as he has made clear repeatedly- in so many words.

Teasers for future episodes show Ashley in tears, climbing into bed and pulling the covers over her head as she mumbles something about getting her heart broken so quickly in the season. Again, Ashley- for a smart young woman who clearly has her life and goals in order- you are coming across as naïve, clueless and dense. You were clearly warned- before you even met him.

Bentley’s bad boy act is over the top. He talks about Ashley having a great butt and legs- but not being his type. He has insinuated more than once that he is bored with her. He commented after a passionate kiss that it started out OK- but was a disappointment after that. He has said repeatedly that he will not want to go the distance because he is not into her. There have only been two episodes aired so far with some nice, sincere guys getting sent home- yet Bentley and “Batman” continue on. Take note all you future bachelors out there-there must be something to the mystery angle.

I have a great idea ABC. Call me up. I’d be happy to come and do some coaching with your bachelorette. No, I wouldn’t steer her to any guy in particular. I would help her to get in touch with who she is attracted to and why- and if this attraction is healthy or not. We could do some mini-interviews on camera. What do you say? I have the credentials- and lots of experience with bad boys and the women who love them. Just say the word and I’m yours.

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