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Is Seduction What Men Are Really After?

By Datecoachtoni

In the February 13, 2011 Washington post magazine there is a (cover) piece about an accountant (day job) who is a “pick-up” or “seduction” coach by night. He and a partner run a coaching business called “Professorial Pickup” that teaches men how to attract and score with women- the kind of women they are really attracted to as opposed to what they “can get.”

Men are taken out in small groups and coached about their presentation, body language, speaking voice, how to talk to women, building trust and learning to assertively take the lead- along with a number of other skills that James Norton and his partner,Ernesto Glueksmann first taught themselves, then perfected for their business.

Even though the name of the business and the skills highlighted point to this being all about seduction, Norton says it is more about learning to connect with others by boosting confidence and positive self-esteem. However, the program’s last part covers sex and “sealing the deal,” a euphemism for getting laid.

It seems that business is booming with the many shy and “geeky” guys out there looking for help on how to approach and ask out women. The feedback given in the article about the course is mostly positive and does emphasize that the participants really want to meet women for serious dating with the ultimate goal of finding that right one for a long term relationship.

It’s too bad that the course is sold as a guide to seduction. Wouldn’t it be more palatable for everyone if professional pickup were named something like Perfect Match, In Search of Something More or Soul Mate connection? Maybe, but would it be as seductive to men?

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