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I Sound Just Like My Mother!

By Slattenk
Have you ever found yourself saying something to your children that your parents used to say and that you swore you'd never say?  A little scary isn't it?
What you heard as a child is deeply embedded in your memories.  Even when you think you don't remember much from your childhood, it's somehow in there and you realize it only when you catch yourself acting just like your parents!
This can be a very good thing if your parents did an excellent job parenting.  On the other hand, if there are things you'd rather do differently with your children, you have to work extra hard to make those changes.  Part of the extra work is figuring out how you want to respond to your children's inappropriate behavior.
Reading parenting books and taking parenting classes are a couple good ways to get new ideas.  You can also take an excellent online parenting class specifically for your child's age:
These classes can be started today from the comfort of your own home!
I sound just like my mother!

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