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I Don't Want Big Boobs!!

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
You might remember, earlier this month, in my April Hottie and the Nottie feature, I had a good old moan about the fact that I have problems fitting into larger sized clothes, because my boobs just aren't big enough to fill them out.
So, imagine my interest, when this leaflet drops out of a well-known beauty magazine (sorry for the bad quality, the lighting was absolutely terrible!)

I don't want big boobs!!

Photo of Leaflet taken by Me

Noting that I have never heard of Pepperberry, the caption beneath the title reads:
"Clothes designed with your boobs in mind."
I mean, wow, what are the chances that not long after I moan about it, I get a leaflet advertising just what I'm looking for! Brilliant. And, it's amazing that I looked at the leaflet in the first place, because I typically just throw the crap away (or deliberately entice it to fall out when I'm picking the magazine off the shelf *cough*).
Mildly intrigued, I flip the leaflet over to find out more (already having noticed how pumped up the models boobs are. I mean, seriously??)
Leaflet flipped over, the first thing I see is Sizes 8 - 18. Huh, well, that's pretty useless, but the worst bit is:
"3 Curvy Sizes to fit your Boobs:CurvyReally CurvySuper Curvy."

I don't want big boobs!!

Photo of Leaflet taken by Me

Do not get me wrong, I do honestly think that this is really great for slimmer women who have big boobs, because as the response to my previous post emphasised, there are a lot of women who will really appreciate this brand, and that is absolutely fantastic.  Nevertheless, what about people like me who are the other end of the scale, ie bigger but with smaller boobs? I can't be the only person that has this problem can I?
On a slightly different note. Why the heck do they feel the need to really push up her boobs on the front? She looks bloody amazing, and the dress is absolutely gorgeous (I'd kill to be able to wear a dress like that), but why not just hire a model who doesn't need to be "pumped up"?
Sometimes, the fashion industry just baffles me :-/

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