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How To Remove Stain from a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps?

By Kravelv @kravelv

Hardwood flooring adds character and aesthetic value to your room. So, it is like adding more additional value to your home and giving a complete makeover. In simpler words, it won’t be a candid statement to say that hardwood flooring is an asset to any property. If you have discovered hardwood under carpets, or during the renovation process, and must have been thinking that beautiful hardwood instead of covering it up again. Though it might not look great at first glance, restore that beautiful hardwood instead of covering it up again to take renovation to the next level. Here are 5 steps to review for new life to your wood flooring.

Remove the Stains

Sanding or buffing out stains on the surface of the wood as long as you are careful. The worst scenario, when it comes to stain removal is removing parts of the floor and replacing those areas with matching the wood. And yes, I won’t deny that this entirely depends on how tough the stains are and how much you dislike the look of them. In case they are in places, you can cover with an area rug or a piece of furniture, leaving them there might be a more relevant option. You can even go for hardwood flooring Plano, TX who can make your task really easy and simple.

How To Remove Stain from a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps?

Scour off the Residue

If your hardwood floor had carpet or tile laid atop it, you probably have to deal with removing some sort of adhesive residue after you have pulled up the carpeting or tile. An adhesive or scraper remover will be your stake for getting rid of the glue from the floor, though some people prefer soaking the floor with water for a couple of minutes. As simple as it is!

You need to remember that this can be a time-consuming since sometimes adhesive will leave stains on the hardwood flooring even after you have managed to get it off. In a case for any reason you are worried about damaging the wood, consulting and hiring a professional at the early stage is surely an option.

Fix the Holes

I, think to deal with nails holes that must have emerged during carpeting. Old hardwood also might have gaps between boards. Choose between several different filler options, like a latex filler or wood putty. It depends on the woods that whether it has already finished, the size of holes, and the color of the wood and stain you are going to use, you can easy find something at any local hardware store that won’t spoil the look of your floor drastically. One of the ideal ways to fix everything is to get engineered hardwood flooring solutions. Yes!

How To Remove Stain from a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps?

Finishing and Staining

As soon as the floor is sanded, you are all set to stain and finish it. If you are satisfied and happy with the original wood color, you a sealer to protect the wood and keep it smooth. If you are looking for a new look, the next step is to choose your stain and apply it until you have the color you want.

Original hardwood flooring is a beautiful asset you don’t want to cover up. No matter whether or not the floor needs a little work to restore it to its original and old beauty, the outcome is surely worth the effort. I would just like to conclude that fixing hardwood flooring is not rocket science.

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