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Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!

By Beauteandtheblog
Hard Candy Glamoflauge claims to be a heavy duty concealer that can even cover up tattoos! Does it live up to the claims?Let's take a look!
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!My glamoflauge concealer shade is tan.
Well, for starters, this bad boy is definitely heavy coverage. Literally, this one tiny drop can cover up 2-3 blemishes for me. 
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!
But to put it to the test, I decided to create my own little experiment to see if it could truly cover tattoos. Here's what I did:
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!
On the left, I made a red dot on my arm with marker to test how well this concealer could cover redness. In the middle, I dotted a black permanent marker, hopefully emulating freckles or even tattoo ink.And, on the far right, I swatched the concealer itself in my shade tan. 
As you can see, the concealer is a little bit too light for my arms, which are extremely tan right now (hello farmer's tan!). It still works well for my face, but if I get any tanner it'll probably be too light.That's one of the major drawbacks of this concealer. It only comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Tan. I'm about an NC35 right now, and tan is already borderline too light. So if you're any darker than me, it might not work for you.
I loaded on some concealer onto the two dots, and now you'll really be able to see that the concealer is too light for me. But hopefully it gives you an idea of the coverage.
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!Indoor Natural Light
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!Outdoor shadowed natural light
So, after patting on tiny dots of concealer (In both splotches I used only the tiny dot amount shown above. A little goes a long way!), you can see that the redness is pretty effectively covered. I really can't see it anymore. The black dot is still just barely visible. So as you can see, this concealer is pretty heavy duty. I wouldn't doubt that it would be able to cover up tattoos.
For undereyes, I find that this concealer also works fabulously. It doesn't settle into lines or cake up, and it provides great coverage. 
Unfortunately though, this concealer isn't very long lasting, even set with powder. If I'm going to be out all day, I make sure to use a primer, and that seems to lengthen the wear time. And, with only 3 shades, this concealer may not work for everyone, especially darker-skinner ladies :(
But if you can find a shade that matches you, I'd definitely encourage you to give this concealer a try. I'll even give it the Belle Stamp of Approval!
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Put to the Test!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for stopping by,Belle

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