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Gradient Fail

By Nhorsman11

Hello Ladies,I hope you all had a great day!!I had found this awesome many here.Emily's Nail Files had posted a beautiful gradient lookingKOTD and I fell in love with it. I have been lookingat it almost every day wanting to try it out.Well today I finally did. It didn't work out quite as niceas hers. I could not get my BM skull to stamp soI had to use an alternate skull, not as cute.My colors didn't turn out near as bright as hers..I used CC Take me to your chateau, CC Factory girlused for the gradient look.I have to say sorry again for the crappy pics butjust wanted to share. Thank you for dropping by!!Nicky
Gradient Fail
Gradient Fail
Thank you for coming to see me. I hope to see you again soon!!
Have a great day ^_^

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