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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ February, 2011

By Kate_miller

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ February, 2011

Local florists tempt me with bright blossoms

This Bloom Day finds me far, far away from my pretty flowers, left in the (fingers crossed!) competent hands of a house sitter back home.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ February, 2011

My little Hyacinth

While I'm lonesome for my Bad Dog, I don't worry about him. That big, butter ball is not one to miss a meal. And, he can be quite vocal when dinner is late.
As for the 2 cats? Never cross them. There’s a distinct pecking order in my home and they're on top o’ the heap.
But my flowers? Well, that’s another story, those little girls I worry about. Though I imagine they are blooming just as brightly in my absence.
I freelance for a company that makes handmade shoes in Italy and Germany. So, I'm living and working in the picturesque town of Bressanone, in South Tyrol Italy ~ for one, amazing month.
It's beautiful here. Early springtime, a sweet break from the cold winds and deep snows back home.
But, enough about that. It's Bloom Day! So, what do I have to show for myself...?
Just one very fragrant Hyacinth who seems quite delighted with my sunny window sill.  I rescued her from the dark shelves of the Despar (doesn't that sound evil? It's the local grocery store.)
These pics are from my walks around town, where I sometimes resort to window peeping:
Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ February, 2011

Never grow weary of the narrow, cobblestone streets:
Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ February, 2011

And, happily say hello, each and every morning, to the town swan, who lives beneath the foot bridge:
Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ February, 2011

Pay a visit to Carol, of May Dreams Gardens to see more pretty flowers, closer to home.

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