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Flower Watercolor Painting

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Flower Watercolor PaintingAlmost every elementary student can draw a flower, but are they aware of the many different shapes and sizes that exist? For this project, I found a lovely simple flower drawing to copy, originating from Geninne’s Art Blog. 1. I started by drawing a large collection of flowers on my board, based on the artwork from Geninne shown HERE. Students first drew the grass line in pencil and added at least three large flowers spaced evenly across the page. Thet then filled in the spaces with smaller flowers.2. The students traced their artwork with a black permanent marker.3. The flowers and grass were painted in with a variety of liquid watercolor paints. Dick Blick Watercolor paints are still my favorite.4.  The sky was painted blue leaving a white halo around all of the flowers. The halo keeps the colors from running together while brightening up the painting as well.

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