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First Ever STEREO Images of the Entire Sun

Posted on the 08 February 2011 by Kovmil
Date: February 6, 2011: It's official: The sun is a sphere!

On Feb. 6th, NASA's twin STEREO probes moved into position on opposite sides of the sun, and now beaming back uninterrupted images of the entire star - front and back.

NASA released a 3D movie
"For the first time ever, we can watch solar activity in its full 3-dimensional glory. This is a big moment for solar physics. STEREO has revealed the sun as it really is - a sphere of hot plasma and intricately woven magnetic fields." says Angelos Vourlidas, a member of the STEREO science team at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC.

With this nice global model, human can track changes on the sun and predict solar storms heading toward. Many lives and billions of dollars can be saved that way!

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