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Fireplace Or a TV? Or, Better Both Together

By Trendoffice @trendoffice

It is alsways interesting for me how people combine the two focal points in a living room - the TV and the fireplace? I just came accross several good ideas how to combine them without sacrificing comfort and good design:

Fireplace or a TV? Or, better both together Contemporary Family Room design by San Francisco Interior Designer Steven Miller Design Studio, Inc.
Fireplace or a TV? Or, better both together Contemporary Living Room design by San Francisco Architect Fulcrum Structural Engineering
Fireplace or a TV? Or, better both together Modern Living Room design by New York Architect Jae Chang
Fireplace or a TV? Or, better both together Traditional Family Room design by San Francisco Kitchen And Bath Julie Williams Design
As you can see - solutions in different styles are available for a good designer :)
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