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By Momatlast @momatlast

There are many options nowadays for single, gay and infertile couples wishing to start a family of their own. Pride Angel is a valuable resource for people wishing to find known sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents within the UK and worldwide.
Pride Angel
Recently there has been a social and cultural shift towards women wishing to meet a known donor. Some may say this is because of high fertility costs, or maybe the shortage of donors. Others state it is because women are thinking of their children’s future, in that they would rather personally meet a like-minded individual who is happy to stay in touch as an uncle-type figure. Research has shown that children who know about their conception and identity from an early age grow up to be more secure in adulthood.

Sperm donor websites assist in the much needed recruitment of donors and help to create alternative families in a way that clinics alone are less able to do. Choosing the right connection service is very important. A spokesman for the HFEA is advising people to only use those websites, which direct their users to a licensed clinic and provide the right health screening and legal advice.

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Pride Angel is dedicated to providing a quality service and providing the ultimate gift, allowing lesbian and gay couples the chance to experience the joys of parenthood. Alternatively, why not pass on your genes by donating eggs and help someone else achieve their dream? Register with Pride Angel as a co-parent, recipient, or an egg donor for free at:

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