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Fighting With My Sons School – Can You Help This Mum?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10011149 Fighting With My Sons School   Can You Help This Mum?

I am currently having a really big problem with my little ones school. Basically they have merged his year (year 1) with the foundation stage full time kids. Now not only do I feel this is simply holding him back academically but also emotionally. He is one of the oldest and the f2s will be some of the youngest in their year. This initially became apparent at the end of last year, I had a meeting with his teacher and the head who said they simply didn’t have anywhere else for him to go due to the high numbers and if I didn’t like it I knew what I could do, move him to a new school.

Now I am very sorry but that isn’t good enough so I involved the governor, she then proceeded to shout at me and just agrees with her again, just handing me a form to move schools.

I was devastated; I hadn’t shouted, raised my voice and swore nothing, so why was she being like this? I let him attend in September under the provision they would promise to incorporate the year ones properly. Give them more responsibility, then line up and come out like the other year ones while the f2s parents went  in to collect their kids, ours would get different rewards and lessons and work within the lessons (although they would have the same lesson they had to do their own relevant work).

They would practice number and/or letter formation in the morning while f2s did their name still. They showed up as planned at the start of the year and after 2 weeks, nothing, they did the same as the f2s so I complained again, initially to the teacher who then told me to see the head so I did but with a friend or rather witness.

The head shouted and refused to answer any questions accusing me of shouting despite the other lady saying I hadn’t etc. I left in floods of tears, what to do, no one would listen. I asked sure start for advice, they say it is obvious she doesn’t like me and it is a clash of personalities but surely as the head it is her job to act as one and see beyond that.

She is now no longer seeing my concerns or my child as important but simply seeing m

I had a letter this morning from education authority warning me about my behaviour, the cheek of it, it is so hypocritical. I haven’t even raised my voice, what do I do?

Do I try to resolve the situation for my child’s sake but how do I do this when they turn it all round and lie or do I move schools which could have just as bad an effect on him?

There is no help at all for parents….anywhere

Can you help this mom in need? 

 Fighting With My Sons School   Can You Help This Mum?

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