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Failed Managed Servers Really Make the Difference - Part 2

Posted on the 07 April 2011 by Hostingnuggets @hostingnuggets
In my previous post of yesterday entitled Failed managed servers really make the difference, I was so amazed that a company could have failed servers showing on their special offer banner that I overlooked another problem with that very same advertisement: a typo in the text! So if you have a closer look at the bottom text of their banner, you will read: "* valid for singale server and new customers only." as highlighted in pink below.
Failed managed servers really make the difference - Part 2
So to summarize, there are three servers that show signs of hardware problem or failure and even the little text that there is contains a typo... Could it get any worse? Well, I hope not but I would really be interested to know how many people go for that special offer!
If you have a passion for technology, check out online it courses. This could really help avoiding such trivial errors in IT.

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