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Dreams - Centring the Spiral - Free Planet

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
this post is a weird amalgamation of subjects I usually keep separate; dreams and free planet.
Dreams: is a category of post that deals only with the dreams I share with the readers of Free Planet.
Free Planet: is the category of post that deals with my conscious formulations of what life deserves to be like i.e. free from prisons, free from profit, free from slavery.
And this morning, at about 5 a.m. as my eyesight flashed and fluttered, I lay on my back from the rather vivid dream I'd just had about THE CENTRED SPIRAL being a tube through which mankind must pass.
You see this right?
dreams - centring the spiral - free planet
The Logarithmic spiral or Fibonacci Series doesn't necessarily describe a flat spiral on a page, but could quite as validly describe (with the aid of a Z axis INTO the spiral) a cylinder pushing back through space. In the above illustration, the red line could be a serpent wrapping around a cylinder and we could be looking DOWN (or traveling down) that cylinder towards our Evolutional Destination, the 21st of December 2012 as mentioned in the Mayan Calendar of cyclic rebirth.
In the dream, I was passing down the tube of a massive wave that would soon be crashing against the shoreline, as depicted in so many Hollywood blockbusters; tube riding this Hawaiian roller to oblivion. But a wonderful thing happened, I traveled out of the tube and down a suburban community; a street with houses on either side. As the tsunami came into shot, the houses lifted themselves up, disconnecting themselves from their mains, and allowed the wave to rush beneath them. Occupants of these floating homes watched the wave travel harmlessly underneath them. Some homes settled back on their foundations, others followed off after the wave, charting its progress for amusement, for fun. This was a WONDERFUL NATURAL MOMENT to cherish and share.

Is the Logarythmic Spiral or Fibonacci Series a time + space cylinder towards our ultimate goal? What, like a STARGATE pushing through the gravity matrix of our sun? Or just LIFE'S JOURNEY towards a Free Planet for mankind and liberation from 'the need to earn our living'?
Either is a wonderful opportunity for mankind to 'evolve' (as you understand it) i.e. just get on with doing what man does best PROTECTING THAT WHICH HAS NO PROTECTOR e.g. Planet Earth and all life forms upon it.

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