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Divine Little Moments

By Kate_miller
Feel like taking a virtual wildflower hike through the Utah Desert? The plentiful rains that have made my own spring a misery, have given new life to these harsh surroundings.

Divine Little Moments

Loco Weed

 Ages ago ~ long before we took the plunge and re-located to Utah ~ I visited the crazy friends who'd moved here first. Certain they'd lost their marbles. Fully prepared to talk some sense into them!

Divine Little Moments


We skied for 2 days and then set out to explore the southern half of the state, a few hours and a world away from the snowy scenes of a high mountain winter.
At our desert campsite, I peeled off my heavy winter coat and spotted a curious little cutie waving in the breeze:

Divine Little Moments

Globe Mallow

My first encounter with the desert wildflower Globe Mallow. Isn't she a beauty? (If I had a better camera I could show you an entire field of them.)
'Twas those same dear friends who dragged me down there this weekend. And, I went, though I was in no shape to go. I'd had a freak horse accident, a few days before. Which just added to the unhappiness of this cold, damp, no-gardening-for-you-dear-Kate, sorry excuse for a springtime.
Divine Little Moments
Which has the greater affect on your mood? a)  People? b) Weather? 
Divine Little Moments
For me, it is most definitely the weather. I battled depression the entire time I lived in the Midwest ~ never realized until I moved to sunny Utah that it was a malady bright blue skies could easily cure.
Wandering through the soft sand of the San Rafael Swell is always a good time for reflection. Once again, all is now right with the world ~ thanks to a stellar combination of great friends, a delicious bonfire and these glorious wildflowers.
PS: Happy Memorial Day. Here's hoping the sun was shining wherever you pitched your tent.
* Find the San Rafael Swell about an hour west of Moab along I-70, in southern Utah. These pics were taken in Little Wild Horse Canyon.

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