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Defining Your Style: It’s OK to Be Category-Less

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

I will be the first to admit that I don’t think my personal style fits into any one category. I may own vintage dresses and jewelry, but my style is not vintage. I do occasionally splurge on a hot, new designer item, but I wouldn’t call my style high-fashion. Apart from blogging for 1928, I am an avid blog reader and subscriber, and one trend I have noticed time and time again is that most women do NOT define their personal style as any one thing in particular as often as we might think. For those of you who do stick to vintage inspired fashion—bravo! You have mastered something I have never been able to pull off. And for those of you who always look like a model straight off the runway—again, congratulations!

However, most of us combine retro with trendy, classic with chic and the result is always unique and fun! We also see a lot of high-end designers reference vintage looks from all different era’s of fashion and put their own modern twist on a garment—a concept I am personally very fond of. Spring 2011 was the season of the 70’s, Fall 2010 was all about 50’s-60’s glamour and sub-cultures have been reviving trends from the 90’s. All in all, when we bid adieu to a trend, we should expect to see it again, even if in a different way.

A particular editorial shoot that I think emphasizes this “fashion fact” is the newest issue of V Magazine, featuring True Blood star, Anna Paquin. All dolled up in looks straight from Fall 2011 runway shows, Paquin is styled as a modern, sexy, edgy version of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O. The concept of vintage style icons swathed in modern versions of what they used to wear is beautifully executed and inspires a girl like me (afraid of tackling that head-to-toe vintage look) to try something new!

Here are some standouts from the artfully styled photo shoot!

AP marilynDefining Your Style: Its OK to Be Category Less

Marilyn inspired- Marc Jacobs fans' desired

AP yellow 300x226Defining Your Style: Its OK to Be Category Less

If M.M. wore Miu Miu

AP greenDefining Your Style: Its OK to Be Category Less

Dolce & Gabbana look super fierce on Anna!

AP jackieoDefining Your Style: Its OK to Be Category Less

A modern Jackie O, in Marc Jacobs head-to-toe!

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