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Cabin Fever Solutions: Staying Active When You're Stuck Indoors

By Daylehayes
Cabin Fever Solutions: Staying Active When You're Stuck Indoors


Playing outside is nearly always more fun and usually more vigorous than indoor activity. However, the weather is sometimes just too frightful and families need to have many inside alternatives.

Active video games (like Wii™) are an option. Video games usually expend more energy than sitting on a couch in front of the TV or playing regular video games. The energy used does vary dramatically from person to person and is generally in the same range as moderate walking.


Here is a short list of indoor activity options for your family. Need more ideas? Get together for a family brainstorm and put your list up on the fridge or bulletin board.

1. Dance, dance, dance: Put on some tunes and rock the house with fun moves.

2. Show off your talents: Let family members take turns leading an activity.

3. Activate commercial breaks: Get up and get moving during TV breaks.

4. Plan a scavenger hunt: Maybe you can find missing socks and other stuff?

5. Build a crawl-thru obstacle course: Use big pillows, chairs, and blankets.

6. Have a hula contest: All it takes is a hoop or two and a wide open space.

7. Play charades: Use an active theme (like animals) and move like your word.

8. Hide and seek: Use the whole house, basement, and garage (if heated).

9. Twist yourself in knots: For about $15, the game of Twister is a ton of fun!

10. Take a trip: Go to a mall for a walk, a Y for a swim, or a rink for a skate.


Make it fun, do it together! Turn off the TV and the other screen entertainment (DVD, computers, and video games). Fill your home with active fun even when there's a blizzard outside.

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