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By Invitation Only: Dreams Take Flight

By Unefemme @DejaPseu
By Invitation Only: Dreams Take Flight When this month's By Invitation Only topic was announced, I knew immediately what I'd be writing about. Marsha at Splenderosa hosts this monthly gathering of bloggers. There's a topic or theme, and then everyone puts their own unique and lovely spin on it.
Here's how Marsha described the topic for March: Tell us about the thing you most want to do, reality or fantasy,  that you've never done (money is no object, so we can be very creative & wild with this).

As I said above, the thing that popped right into my mind is something I've been wanting to do for years, and probably will do before too long.

By Invitation Only: Dreams Take Flight


I want to take a tour in an open cockpit biplane.
I've always loved flying, and had my life taken some different turns a few decades ago, I might have become a pilot. And then when I found these pictures and clippings in my grand-mère's scrapbook, I knew it was something I had to do.
By Invitation Only: Dreams Take Flight

By Invitation Only: Dreams Take Flight

By Invitation Only: Dreams Take Flight

You see, at the age of 17, my grandmother went up in one of those new-fangled airplanes, and dropped War Bond leaflets over Long Beach, California. This was in 1917, during WWI.
Since finding these pictures, I've wanted to strap on an aviator's helmet, and fly in an open cockpit over the Southern California coast. There are several companies that do these tours; I just need to set aside the time and the funds to make this dream a reality.
Go see what the rest of the By Invitation Only bloggers would do "in their wildest dreams," here.
What about you?  What's the one thing you've never done that you'd do if money, time and logistics were no object?
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