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Bigfoot News February 17, 2014

Posted on the 17 February 2014 by Calvinthedog

Rick Dyer tried to kill another Bigfoot! Last night, Rick Dyer went to Minneola, Texas to a Bigfoot habituation site where Christopher Noel shot his famous woodpile thermal Bigfoot video in 2008.

There is an old lady who lives there who has been feeling terrorized by Bigfoots for several years now. They zap her with infrasound, throw objects at her, scream at her and in general make her feel unwelcome at her property. She felt so terrorized by them that she wants them killed.

So she invited Rick out to her property last night. Rick went there with the intention of killing another Bigfoot. It was a very wild night, and there were several Bigfoots running around that property last night. Rick shot at all of them and may have wounded one of them, but he did not kill any Bigfoots. Craig Phillips (Craig the liar) has volunteered to stay at the woman’s  home for the next couple of days to make her feel welcome and to protect her from the Bigfoots.

Note the scrapes and scratches on Rick’s head.

This killing has just got to stop. I am considering doing everything I can to try to stop Rick from killing another Bigfoot. I have a lot of information that I am not supposed to release but if releasing it could prevent Rick from killing another Bigfoot, I may just do it. For one thing, I may want to try to force the hand of the people behind this press conference.

Team Tracker folks heading to the Minneola, Texas site. Whether they are going to there to stop the killing of a Bigfoot or to participate in one is not known.

People see the 3D images of Hank. Two of my friends saw the 3D images of Hank. Here is my friend’s description of Hank:

It’s pretty fascinating. It really just looks like Hank with no hair. He told me that the image had the scanner info imbedded into the image background to prove it’s authenticity. Kinda looked like a naked Hank.

Here is another friend’s description:

The 3D scan is fascinating! I saw it!

Lindsay batting .667. I predicted that Stacy Brown would win the Bigfoot contest that was held on TV, that Michael Merchant would be voted off the show and that Justin Smeja would get a $100,000 secondary prize of some sort. The first two turned out to be correct, but the last one was wrong. So it’s 2 for 3.

Another prediction proven correct. I said a while back that Jeff and Jack of Facebook Find Bigfoot were funding Rick Dyer. This photo appears to prove that that is indeed true. The photo below shows a copy of the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys’ book, You are Sasquatch.

Dyer with Jeff and Jack's book on the wall of his Bigfoot trailer.

Dyer with Jeff and Jack’s book on the wall of his Bigfoot trailer.

Dyer planning a major announcement today. After he wrote that on his Facebook page, someone commented, “DNA” and Rick quickly removed that message. So will there be a DNA announcement? Let us wait and see.

Why I am 100% sure that Hank is a real Bigfoot. Two of my friends went to verify Hank. Each one brought a physician, an MD, with them to verify him. Both of the MD’s verified that Hank is the body of a real creature and not a prop. My friends are not lying to me, forget it.

Good site for those interested in Sasquatch rights. Check out the Nonhuman Rights Project, which is an anti-slavery and animal rights project bundled into one. I figure that
the Bigfoot rights folks ought to look into this.

Chapter summary for Christopher Noel’s book, Sasquatch Rising. I have read this book. I will not comment on it except to say that if you are interested in Bigfoot habituation stories, this is the book for you. It contains over 300 pages of reports on habituation sites, most of which appear to be valid sites. The book did need a chapter summary though. As it lacks one, I am publishing one now for anyone interested in reading the book, which has sold pretty well.

We start out with an Introduction about the history of primate research via “habituation” methods. We then move to the BFRO expedition and how they attempt to foster “mini-habituations.”

In Chapter Two, I describe my attempt to apply the methods learned on these expeditions to my local area, trying to foster my own habituation experiences. In

Chapter Three, I deepen what I’ve learned about habituations by connecting with long-time habituators, sharing more than 100 pages of their first-person testimonials.

Chapter Four, I pick back up with my own local efforts to emulate the success of those habituators.

Chapter Five, I revisit the habituation sites covered in Chapter Three, picking back up with their accounts as they move forward through time…

Chapter Six admittedly departs from the personal stories of research/interaction in order to take a look at the state of the field, various examples of cutting-edge research, the Michael Greene thermal footage, Scott Nelson’s linguistic research, new habituation books, TV show and social media progress.

Chapter Seven covers the Ketchum DNA study and its implications.

Chapter Eight then returns to the concrete trenches of a habituation site, this time my own home.

Epilogue returns to the most fruitful of the habitation sites, covered earlier, namely Texas #2.

Christopher Noel post on Dr. Melba Ketchum’s study one year later. This post at Cryptomundo is one of the finest that Noel has ever written. I agree with every word he wrote here. Melba has not been proven wrong, and my understanding of the Dyer DNA finding on Hank is that they line up very well with Melba’s hypothesis.

Ketchum interviewed on the radio. Steve Bradford show interviews Ketchum. I did not listen to this yet, but you may wish to.

Craig Woolheater post on Hank at Cryptomundo.
Craig went out to see Hank and reports that while it is possible that Hank is a real Bigfoot, he feels that that is unlikely to be true and that Hank is probably a prop. I feel that that was a very intelligent and strategically responsible position for him to take. Here is Craig’s statement:

I think that it’s possible that Hank is a real live dead Bigfoot, I just don’t find it probable.

My personal opinion is that Craig is one of the finest people in Bigfootery. He runs the biggest crypto site on the Net, getting 1 million hits/month. That is a lot better than I do. I only get ~230,000 hits/month. Bigfoot Evidence reportedly gets traffic that may approximate what Cryptomundo gets. I think Cryptomundo has improved dramatically since Loren Coleman left. That Maine-sized ego was always pretty overbearing and insufferable.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.

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