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By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles
I have BFF's!!! Not what you think, I'm referring to Broad Feet n Fingers. That's what I am calling them from now on "my BFF's".
And after twice spending money on Aldo shoes (around $150) I have finally realised my feet will never feel comfortable in one of them again...ever...never again :(
It's a sad thing as many a times I have come across such cute little affordable numbers, mostly replicas of big brands but alas! my feet are too broad in the front to peacefully settle down inside Aldo shoes for a full day...
Which brings me to next point! As you all know, I have been moving countries for a while now and was always prepared to re discover sizes and shapes according to my body every time I settled in a new country, but never in a million years did I think of my feet!
So, in India and South Africa I knew I had broad feet because once in a while I would try a friend's sandals or compare my feet to S's and so on, but I never faced any problems finding my size or in this case, my shape of shoe...(except for when I would go shopping for running shoes, can never be too careful there)
But since I moved to Canada, not one pair I have bought doesn't hurt, be it heels, flats, any other kind of footwear, they are all simply too narrow at the front.
Makes me think why? And to top it all, the other day I saw a shop, basically payless, they had this whole different section marked for broad toes. Now that to me is just like someone being made to shop from the plus size stores. It hurts!
This is something I will definitely get to the root of but in the meantime, share with me if you have the same problem shopping for shoes. Any other troubles you go through while shoe shopping or are you genetically blessed with a figure perfect toe?

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