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Bernard Matthews Turkey Chunks Challenge

By Evette Garside @evette77

Being a family panel member for Bernard Matthews means that I will be taking part in many mealtime challenges as well as testing out some new products. My most recent challenge from Bernard Matthews was to switch my usual meat for Bernard Matthews Turkey chunks in my favorite dishes.

One of my favorite and very easy dishes is wraps. They are so simple and easy that anyone could make them. I usually use chicken in my wraps so this time I swapped the chicken for some packs of Bernard Matthew Turkey Chunks.


These Turkey chunks are already pre cooked and come in a variety of great tasting flavours including a more original “roast turkey” variety. They cost between £1.00 – £2.00 per pack and most supermarkets will stock a varying selection of them. As well as the Bernard Matthews Turkey chunks I also bought some tortilla wraps, peppers and spring onions. I was given a voucher to buy all of this.


For my wraps I am using both the Roast turkey and the flavoured Hickory BBQ Turkey chunks.


The Turkey chunks are already cooked and can be eaten straight out of the pack but I thought I would have a go at lightly frying them just to make the meat a little warmer if anything.


I chopped up all the peppers, spring onions and added an onion too.


These salad ingredients can of course be fried or left as salad.
The wraps need minimal heating in a microwave, just a few seconds.
The whole meal took about ten minute to prepare.


I put all the ingredients on separate plates so everyone could make their own wraps as they pleased. We also had some salsa and Mayo to add.


We all enjoyed our Turkey chunk wraps. Ryan decided not to have salad as always but enjoyed the Turkey chunks anyway. Using Turkey chunks does seem much easier than using other meats which are not pre cooked. The wraps tasted great and are of course very healthy too.
I managed to buy all the ingredients for less than £15 too. We all love the Turkey chunks which are full of flavor.


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