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Berlin - A Reunited City

By Sneaky

If you are thinking of visiting an European metropolis, Berlin can be a good choice.
With a population of around 3.4 million it is not just the capital but also the largest city in Germany and it can offer almost everything you have ever wished for.
Berlin - A reunited city
The second most famous wall (right after the Great Wall of China) on the planet can still be seen in the German capital.
Authorities sealed off free passage between East an West Berlin in mere two days in August of 1961 and started building the Wall which stood for the next 28 years until the army finally started dismantling it in November of 1989.
Even now there is an obvious difference between the two parts of once divided city.

Whether you are on a tight budget, or you are looking for a luxury destination - Berlin can offer you both and everything in between.

Berlin - A reunited city

There is no true top season for a visit. During every time of year Berlin has something to offer. Most of many festivals and other outdoor activities take place in warmer months, but even during winter (when temperatures can drop way below zero) there are many cute stalls offering Glühwine and Schnapps set up all over the city. These stalls really add-up to the whole December holiday spirit feel. Streets literally look like they were taken from a cheesy movie, with cheesy Christmas carols playing in the background and loads of useless souvenirs on offer.
Don't get me wrong, I actually liked the whole thing. Everything else would have looked out of place.

Recently an opportunity to visit this interesting city arose and I took it. Last December I decided to join a group of friends visiting Berlin. It was definitely the right decision.

Berlin - A reunited city

It was a five-day budget trip. We stayed in a very nice and clean hostel for a very reasonable price. It is called EastSeven Hostel and is situated at a great location. I would easily recommend it to anyone looking for such an option.
We simply tried to enjoy ourselves while there. I must say we succeeded in doing just that. Berlin is definitely a place I could easily visit again.

Stay tuned for more!

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