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Army of 12 Monkeys Resist Behind Bars

Posted on the 06 November 2012 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

Political prisoner and subscriber to Earth First! Journal, Sean Swain, mailed us last month. We really enjoyed his correspondence and to honor his request we decided to post his letter on our newswire. Solidarity Sean!

Dear EF!J

I would like very much to continue my subscription but I can’t get access to my money right now so please bear with me. I am currently in the hole at Mansfield Correctional, under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the FBI. I believe updated information is available at seanswain.org.

 Here at [Mansfield], prisoners began attacking the system- a group called The Army Of The 12 Monkeys. Administrators are treating it as a gang but it doesn’t behave as a gang. There appears to be no centralized leadership, no hierarchy, and members are anonymous. Unlike most gangs, the A12M does not prey on prisoners, but sabotages the good order of the prison– staples in locks, potatoes in drains, cutting phone and computer cords with toenail clippers, tagging walls, distributing thousands of flyers and all kids of training manuals.

You ought to see these manuals. Somebody should put them online.

Administrators had special armed units with paintball guns to mark anyone caught in monkey-business.

But, it seems, that’s not all. It appears that the A12M also sent a letter or letters to government officials alleging that the online organization anonymous would release home addresses and phone numbers if certain terms were not met by a deadline. those terms were: 1) End the death penalty, 2) Abolish the parole board 3) Ban fracking, 4)Demolish all dams 6 feet tall or shorter, and 5) Ban the use of the name “Indians” from sports teams.

I am suspected of having written that letter. The FBI won’t let the Ohio General Assembly know what’s been going on, so there’s no way for them to meet the 12 Monkey agenda. Lt. Chapman of the Ohio State Highway Patrol says he doesn’t believe that Anonymous can penetrate the State of Ohio’s databases, so he’s going to let the deadline run out.

Personally, I hope that Anonymous really has that information and celebrates Guy Fawkes by releasing it on November 5th. Then, before the next cyber attack, Anonymous could provide a new list of priorities to add to the old list.

Please feel free to share this in print/online as you see fit. I’ll pay for a new subscription as soon as I can.

Stay dangerous.




Get more info about Sean and find out about writing to him at his site.

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