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An Easter Gift for the Bigguns

By Kate_miller
An Easter Gift for the Bigguns"If you'd like to help, you can watch them express their appreciation." 
So said my friend, Janet. Cowgirl extraordinaire and surrogate Mom to my 2 horses, who are boarded at her stables.
What's the best time to buy a better camera? Why the day before you need it, of course! And, yesterday I was sorely missing that crystal ball.
An Easter Gift for the Bigguns
We've been having hard times. Incessant rains causing problems for all of us. Soil so saturated that small lakes have cropped up in the middle of my garden.
An Easter Gift for the Bigguns
The biggest members of our extended family were suffering mightily. Feet sinking deep into the quicksand-like mud. Their large corrals just not large enough to manage this rainy mess.
An Easter Gift for the BiggunsA gracious neighbor, right down the road, saw their plight and offered up her empty pasture. On a slope, drier ground, a sweet, green spot where they could kick up their heels.
It's not easy moving these guys from there to here. It took 4 trips and 11 temper tantrums (one for each pony!) All were in a foul mood over the mud.
An Easter Gift for the BiggunsThese are the times when you kinda wish they spoke English. If they had an inkling of where they were heading, they would have hopped on that bus, without a moment's hesitation.
So, it was a bit of a battle. But once they arrived, they were ever so grateful. Blowing off steam in the most joyful of ways. Thundering hoofs. Happy nickers. Huge competition to see who can run the fastest.
An Easter Gift for the BiggunsPeople often wonder why women love horses.
I think it's because horses are a lot like women. They form bonds easily. They're more flight than fight. They are wise, forgiving, with an innate, motherly attitude that never ceases to amaze me.
Take this massive white Percheron, for instance. Adopting this little black pony as if it were her own. They've got 4 acres of pasture in which to graze. But, this spot tastes just fine...

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