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All Tied Up

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
We had some work done at the house the other day.  I put Oreo in the backyard on the tie-up, figuring he'd rather be outside that stuck in the garage.  After a short while, he settled into a spot next to the table on the patio. 
I kept looking outside to make sure he was okay.  He seemed to move around within a few feet of the same spot.  After a while he just seemed to stay in one place.  He'd switch from side to side, but he didn't go far.
When I went to bring him into the house, I realized he didn't find the perfect spot.  He managed to tangle his tie-up in the patio table and chairs.  He wasn't comfortable.  He was stuck.
Next time he's outside, I'll have to keep a better eye on him.  There's a difference between settling into the perfect, comfortable spot and being stuck in the same place. 

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