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By Lollicious @lollicious
I've been meaning to write a post for weeks now, I have quite simply been so busy with life that I haven't had a much time to think and enjoy blogging so I just didn't ... I  also started a new job and career in December last year and its been so exciting and involved that I have been very distracted and tired of an evening and to be honest blogging would mean I would need to put down my wine glass and think...
I have also had a fiance in a hip to ankle brace after reconstructive surgery so I overnight became the domestic goddess doing everything from Nursing him, to cleaning, cooking and preparing everything for the festive season.
Absent... (well Husband to be)
To say I was exhausted was an understatement, I was mentally and emotionally drained and it really took its toll on me,Ill be honest with you lovelies here,  I have an anxiety disorder and have suffered depression my whole adult life, I am not ashamed and I feel empowered to share this about myself. I am tough and I weak and I can be honest about it. I seek treatment and solace in the people and things I love when I start to feel  the cloud take over and its not long before it moves on and I am feeling more like the bubbly little blonde everyone knows and loves.
It can be so hard to face mental illness and you should never feel alone, the bubbliest and happiest people to the quiet, reserved and shy can suffer. You cant see mental illness...
If you or someone you know feels like finding out more and needs help there is help available in so many places, below is the contact details of a fantastic organisation xxxx

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