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A Twitter Thread in Response to Franklin Foer on What's Wrong with the Democrats

Posted on the 21 June 2017 by William Lindsey @wdlindsy
No mention at all of the significant role played by gerrymandering and voter suppression to lock in GOP control, as a minority. 1)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

This is a Twitter thread in response to Franklin Foer's "What's Wrong with the Democrats?" in the latest issue of The Atlantic. 
Shallow to nonexistent analysis of the demonstrable roots that racial reaction has played in turning white working class voters GOP. 2)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

Pretense that "culture issues" are somehow divorced from "identity issues," and racism as a key factor of WWC choices can be overlooked. 3)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

Seeming lack of any awareness that "identity issues" ARE economic issues. 5)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

This analysis situates WWC voters as default Americans and implies that those "others" are somehow less than. 6)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

Ultimately, it's all about disciplining/silencing "others" and the Democrats insofar as they listen to marginal communities. 7)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

Democrats could stand on their heads and will not win back WWC voters, whose primary reason for going to GOP fold is racial reaction. 8)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

These are futile, going-nowhere conversations, siphoning off energy for real change. 9)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

Those opening these conversations now are like Job's comforters, gloating while pretending to offer advice and comfort. 10)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

The mainstream media eat this analysis up because it lets them off the hook in creating conditions for tea party and Trump. 11)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

Enough. Just enough. These conversations are going nowhere and are designed to thwart meaningful forward movement for the Democrats 12)— Bill Lindsey (@wdlindsy) June 21, 2017

P.S. There is no point 4. I miscounted.

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