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A Tour to the World in 1001 Images

By Travelingbook @travelingbook
A tour to the World in 1001 images

Destination anywhere.

For restless travelers like myself getting a book like Wonders of the World in 1001 photos is a precious gift.

With breath-taking images, every single page of this book takes my mind hundreds of miles away every single time I go through it.

With inspiring explanations, going through the sections of this little “traveling machine” is like boarding an imaginary plane around the world. To make easier the journey, the book is divided in five sections.

The first one, Natural Wonders, explores the earth and the oceans, the mountains and the forests. In between, it takes the “travelers” to faraway cities founded by native people.

For more adventurous souls, the section on Hidden Treasures is a fascinating trip designed to get to know ancient civilizations and lost empires.

An spiritual journey starts with the Wonders of the Religious hubs section, visiting temples and cathedrals full of art pieces and magnificent structures.

For the urban-life lovers, going through the Amazing Cities section is a deal hard to resist. Seeing the unbelievable images of these places is an open invitation to take long imaginary walks.

The last section of the book is focused on Cultural Paths, giving the readers the opportunity to see in how many cases Nature and Civilization combine to create amazing landscapes.

And now that the mood is set and the weekend awaits, it’s time to start traveling around, no passport required!

A tour to the World in 1001 images

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A tour to the World in 1001 images

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