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A Super Easy DIY That Makes a Great Mother's Day Gift

By Decorology @decorology_blog
The new home networking site - Link My Home, was awesome enough to publish my post today on turning a Mason jar into a soap pump. Link My Home connects home owners globally to chat, share inspiration, and buy/sell - check it out.
Below is my post and DIY

Decorology DIY:Turn a Mason jar into a charming soap pump – A great Mother’s Day gift too!

A super easy DIY that makes a great Mother's Day gift

via Country Living

I’m far from the first one to present this idea, but it’s really great and perhaps some of you out there have yet to discover it.All you need is a soap dispenser pump (reuse one from your last soap bottle or purchase one from a supplier like, a mason jar, and the jar’s lid.It is also helpful to have a drill, as you will need to create a hole about half and inch wide to accommodate the soap pump.Other supplies you may want to have on hand include scissors, a marker to mark where you will drill the hole, and some 2 part epoxy to seal the cap of the soap pump to the jar of the lid.

A super easy DIY that makes a great Mother's Day gift

(via Apartment Therapy)


1. Use marker to measure and mark a circle in the lid of the mason jar the width of you soap dispenser pump
2. Drill hole where you marked in lid of mason jar
3. Mix epoxy and apply to the lower rim of the soap dispenser pump
4. Insert the pump dispenser through the jar lid (if the tube is too long for the jar, just snip it to size with some scissors)

5. Let the epoxy dry according to the instructions
7. Fill with your favorite liquid soap – and enjoy!

Here are some examples of what you can create:

A super easy DIY that makes a great Mother's Day gift

(via Apartment Therapy)

A super easy DIY that makes a great Mother's Day gift

If you don’t have a Mason jar they are pretty easy to find at thrift stores.

via Décor Chick

So cute right?I think I’ll be making a couple for my mom for Mother’s Day!

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