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A Public Apology To The Blognonymous Team

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Many of those who read my blog know that a large part of my blog is written anonymously. The blog anonymous posts are written by the mums from my Facebook group, I then edit and become the voice to speak out on their behalf.


It has been brought to my intention that the Blog Anonymous Feature on my blog is under suspicion of the idea being stolen from the Blognonymous Team.


The Blognonymous Team are a group of 5 bloggers who set up a blog dedicated to accepting anonymous blog posts. Offering their own blogs as a welcome escape to anyone who wishes to share their experience with others, but want to keep their identity hidden. Founded in August 2010.


The Blog Anonymous Feature on my blog is in no way related to the Blognonymous Team.


The Blog Anonymous area of my own blog has been used to date only by those who I know personally or are members of my Facebook group. I am in no way in competition to Blognonymous and feel rather upset that such a thing would be said. Surely there is space for everyone?


I started accepting anonymous stories back in May 2010 ,(before Blognonymous was even created), when I started the mums group I own, all anonymous posts were added to the note section on Facebook. The blog was then opened months later due to the lack of space to hold these anonymous experiences. As a group we wanted to show others who were suffering that they were not alone.


I never thought about checking with others who also did this, if I was allowed too. For that I appologise.


Researching Google brings up 45,400,000searches for the phase Blog Anonymously and 430,000,000 for the phase Blog Anonymous. I believe these 2 words are free to use as I please? If I am wrong please tell me, so I can change it.


If I have in any way portrayed the Blog Anonymous Feature on my blog in any way that relates to Blognonymous then I personally and publicly apologize. I would also like to apologize to the Blognonymous team as they feel I have stolen their idea.


I would like to say its also great that they are doing what they do, dedicating their own time to helping others. Surely we should all be singing from the same hymn sheet and not accusing or labelling someone who goes out of their way to offer such support to others, the same support they state in their own mission is the reason behind their blog.


The Blog Anonymous feature will remain on my blog, I do not go out sourcing posts, they come to me. I have yet to receive a blog anonymous post from anyone I do not know, I am not stealing the limelight nor stealing potential posters from others.


I am here to offer an extra space where people can share their fears and experiences in total confidence and anonymously. I hope you will accept my apology for any bad feelings and I have reassured you about my intentions and for the reasons I do blog anonymous posts. It is in no way connected to what you guys do, I have many women who depend on this feature of the blog.


Why have I publicly wrote this? Because those who know me well know how much it hurts me when I feel I have upset others in some way.


Please accept my apology. 

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