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A New Diagnosis, A New Chapter

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   When we took Jayden to get tested we pretty much knew what she would say.  Jayden had so many classic signs of Autism & Asperger's that there was just no way that he wasn't going to be diagnosed.  For years now Zion has had his own set of issues & things we have learned to deal with. More & more so this last few few months we have had thoughts about... whats up with Zion! Unlike Jayden, Zion (now 5 years old) has massive meltdowns! At the drop of a pin he can go from a laugh to a shaking, crying, pissed off mess! Couple that with the rituals he has & you have a couple of parents that are calling & trying everything we can to get an evaluation appointment. We went in last week after months of waiting & it went well. The first hour or so while Samantha & I were in the room talking with the doctor he not only wouldn't play with any of the toys but he wouldn't even leave his spot behind me in my chair. Samantha & I headed out to the waiting room & left him in the room with the doctor, it had been about an hour & a half since we had been there & he had not said one word yet. The doctor said after while he slowly started to warm up to her.
   We go back to the office on Tuesday to hear what the results are, I've never been so nervous! Autism? OCD? Anxiety? Bi Polar? I have no idea! I feel like, as I'm sure a lot of parents of ASD kids did, that there is something there! I guess I just have to know so bad because I feel like it's the only way to better understand him & how to help him. This is the coolest kid you have ever met in your life; I mean really! As we were headed into a store on time we ran back to my car & said "Daddy! Get your camera out & take my picture!" I did what he asked & at that time he threw himself on the hood & said "I'M ROAD KILL!" His favorite movie is Beetlejuice & Ghostbusters! I will update with what we find out ASAP! Thanks for reading!

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