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A Cruise on the Indus River

By Marinacng @MarinaCng
Originating from Tibet, running through Kashmir and all the way through Pakistan, to end up in the Indian Ocean is Pakistan's longest river, the Indus.  A long drive from Islamabad, ended with a camel ride, led my family and some friends to the banks of the Indus over a decade ago.  That was a start of the cruise on the Indus river.  The word "cruise" in this case has nothing to do with the types of cruises we know of in the western world.  The only accommodation available on the islands, some of which flood during the monsoon season and disappear, were the tents that moved with us from island to island.  Our transportation were two open-air wooden boats that were rowed along, one of which served as a kitchen and storage.  Even though I don't remember everything, I remember the charm of the desert islands, which we were the first to step on and ruin the shape that the water had left on the sand, as well as the entire experience of a trip different than any other.  Our journey ended at the village of Multan, a village in central Pakistan, which was our last stop before flying back to Islamabad, the capital.

A Cruise on the Indus River

The second boat

A Cruise on the Indus River

The camp that was set up at every new island

A Cruise on the Indus River

Rowing the boat

A Cruise on the Indus River

Sunset at the Indus

A Cruise on the Indus River

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