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A Brief Interruption

By Kate_miller

After a deep, drenching, rain I woke to a temporary drift of snow. And, while these stops and starts to the garden season can be annoying, I'm not terribly unhappy about it.  
A Brief InterruptionGlory of the Snow (early spring blooming, naturalizing bulb)
This high up in the mountains, things are different. When it's raining on your garden, it's often snowing on mine.
A Brief InterruptionI don't mind and neither do my flower bulbs. To me, snow is just a happier form of much-needed moisture.
People run when it's raining. They slow down when it snows. They linger, perhaps even to the point of admiring the artistic beauty of a snowflake, or two.
Oh, I know my attitude doesn't sync with most gardeners. They want spring to come early, with no interruptions.
A Brief InterruptionCrocus
Where I live, that's just never gonna happen. So, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. My hard work will begin soon enough.
A Brief InterruptionMore Crocus!
A Brief Interruption* If you live in the mountains, you've probably already figured out that bulbs are a girl's best friend. Bulbs add bright, beautiful color to the garden right about the time you're convinced that spring will never ever arrive.In my crazy, micro climate garden, Crocus and Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa) get the party started. Next up: naturalizing Blue Siberian Squill and, with any luck, some perky yellow Daffodils.

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