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A Belated Prelude

By Beanandgone @scoffey01

I have to admit, not a whole lot of thought went into my decision to start this blog. At the end of the day I did it as a way to keep in contact with people from home as well as give me an excuse not to watch another episode of Mythbusters, Top Gear or Bear Grylls.

I get that publishing anything on the world-wide-web is going to leave me open to public scrutiny, however I thought I would set the record straight on a few things.

Firstly, my sense of humor is not for everyone. Some people are funny and some people are not. If you are not one of the funny people, please do not take it out on me. Talk to your parents or call a hotline or write a letter to someone who actually cares.

Secondly, I am not a government website. I will not waste your time explaining the finer details of what I believe should just be basic common sense.

Thirdly, I am a 25 year old from Australia who moved to London to explore the world. I more than comfortable with my ‘tourist’ status and will continue to write from my ‘tourist’ perspective.

Fourthly, the above rant is in no way, shape or form aimed at an individual in particular. You are not that special.

Lastly, everyone out there who thinks I am not ‘PC’ enough can watch this video. You can probably take some of his advice.

A belated prelude
A belated prelude
A belated prelude
A belated prelude
A belated prelude

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