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7 Top Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
You gave birth to a little baby and a few weeks later decided to go out. Okay, let's face it. It is a little bit daunting to think about breastfeeding in public.
Here are my tips:
  1. For the first few times, try to get out with with your other half , mom or a close friend. Being with company and keeping the conversation does help.
  2. Nurse your baby just before leaving the house so it will keep him for a while.
  3.  Plan your journey. If you need to breastfeed, choose family-friendly places. You can always pop into high street stores and use their feeding rooms,too.
  4. Choose appropriate clothing: You can always buy nursing tops but layering works perfectly well, too. Simple, stretchy vest tops are really useful. You can lift up your top shirt and pull the vest down  to breastfeed. This keeps your tummy and back covered up.Your baby's head will cover your breast and there you are, feeding your baby. There is no need to hide or being apologetic. Keep the conversation going and smile :) 
  5. If you don't feel confident enough yet,in a cafe, sit facing the wall. Find a corner that is likely to be ignored.
  6.  I have never used breastfeeding covers/blankets with my babies. I feel like it just draws more attention to the fact that I'm breastfeeding. If however, it makes you feel better, go for them.
  7. Use a sling: Some slings are great for breastfeeding. If you can manage that, you can feed the baby on the go without nobody noticing :)
Lastly, if you see another mother nursing in public, be sure to give her a smile to show your support.: )

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