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50th Anniversary Skipper on Barbie Collector

By Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83 @KewpieDoll83

Hip hip hooray!  It’s 2014!  You know what that means?  It means Skipper is turning the big 5-0 this year!  Can you believe it?  In honor of Skipper turning 50, Mattel sneakily placed a 50th anniversary Skipper on their website.  (Big thanks to YouTuber Tina for the heads up!)

50th Anniversary Skipper

50th Anniversary Skipper

Skipper is currently out of stock on Barbie Collector, but retails for $39.95.  She uses a ‘New Repro Skipper’ headmold, which is very well done!  Skipper is dressed in her birthday best, a reproduction outfit from 1965, aptly named ‘Happy Birthday’.  If you feel like you’re having de ja vu, you aren’t!  We saw this fashion on the 30th anniversary porcelain doll, too.



Besides the outfit, this doll comes with a number of reproduction accessories, including an adorable birthday cake!



The fact that Mattel released this reproduction Skipper right out of the gate makes me very happy!  I have to admit, though, that I’m a little disappointed by the fact that this Skipper is in the Happy Birthday outfit. I guess it makes sense, but we’ve already seen this on an anniversary doll.  That being said, I love her cute little face!  I’m hoping we see more Skipper related merchandise as 2014 progresses!

What do you think of this 50th Anniversary Skipper? Is this enough?  Is it too similar to past releases?  Share your thoughts below!

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