Wedding Bells

By Veronicavintage @RockSteadyUSMC

I haven’t really shared this news with anyone much via the internet, but yes – I am an engaged girl! I was asked by my boyfriend Alex on Thanksgiving, and of course I said yes

So we have decided to probably plan our legal wedding next summer on our anniversary on 07 July, and we’ll probably head to Las Vegas. Then, the summer after, we will have an actual wedding and reception for all of our friends and family. That way, we can get married in private officially and have it be our “own” private moment, but yet we can have a big to-do ceremony and reception party for everyone who matters to us. I think it is a great compromise of the two sides!

So naturally, I started looking at dresses, hairstyles, makeup, colours/themes – all of it. I became one of “those girls” and started a Pinterest board: Wedding Schmedding

I’ve found some really great ideas for both the legal ceremony as well as the actual wedding. So many choices – this is either going to be hella fun or hella frustrating! But either way – certainly worth it in the end

Here’s some ideas I have so far:

Those are some fab first ceremony dresses if I ever did see any! I’d have a 1950s type theme to the first legal ceremony, and an elegant 1930s/1940s theme to the wedding & reception to be held later.

If I ever got another ring set, you’d bet it would be just like this – gorgeous!

Absolutely stunning for the reception – feathers look so glamourous and classy!

And you’d better believe I’d have my tattoos be shown off if I can help it – I want our wedding to be totally US – no excuses or accommodations for anyone else. I know it’s not always going to be like that, but hey – I can dream, can’t I?

Alex & me, Halloween 2013

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